January Works

I hope everybody is feeling back in the groove for J-Term! Many of you are off exploring the world, so we find it to be a little slower here in Dining & Culinary Services. In The Commons you’ll still find our regular menu and all the same sandwiches in OMM and the other campus restaurants. … Continue reading

Blast From The Past

If you’ve been in the area for a number of years, you’re sure to remember “From the Bayou” on Garfield Street. You remember how the inside was decorated, how nice the back patio was, how good the jalepeño corn muffins were with the etouffée… Well, here’s your chance to recreate that crawfish étouffée in your … Continue reading

Northwest Oyster Stuffing

As some of you may know, I moved to Tacoma from a small town just outside of St. Louis some five years ago. I love it here, and, on the whole, adjusting to both the physical and social change in climate has gone smoothly. I made the right decision in moving, and I know that … Continue reading

Thankful for Farmers!

I have been thinking a lot about what I am thankful for. Of course, the list is going to include family and friends, a home and a job, food and health, you know…the Norman Rockwell stuff. But what else am I thankful for? I was having dinner with some friends when one of them started … Continue reading

Dare to Try the Ghoulish Foods

Halloween is a fun night for us here in Dining & Culinary Services. Not only do we host a Halloween Theme Meal and decorate The Commons, but we also host Ghoulish Foods. Ghoulish Foods is our opportunity to share some exotic foods with the PLU Community. Foods you may have never tried, things you may … Continue reading

The Devil’s Own

The most amazing thing has been happening in my garden this year. In spite of an unusually cool start to the season and in the face of two months of drought, everything that I planted has turned out and turned out well. Tomatoes in particular, while a little smaller than usual, just keep coming, forcing … Continue reading

Over-The-Top Dessert

My name is Jason, and I’m one of the prep cooks here at PLU. I work mostly behind the scenes, helping other cooks with their menus and preparing food for 208 Garfield. I do get out to the front stations to serve you meals from time to time, so be sure to say hi when … Continue reading

Tomato Revelations

Ahhh, comfort food. I’m currently feeling the pressure of trying to come up with a mildly memorable blog entry, so I’m taking comfort in a bag of Rolo minis. I’m Anthony McGinnis, and I prepare lunch Monday to Friday at Cross Cultures. I’ve deliberated a good deal about what recipe from my past evokes the … Continue reading

My Favorite Beef Stroggi

Hello! My name is Laura and I am one of the cooks found on Crave and Aglio. I have been at PLU for just over a year now. I love to cook and I think the best food has nostalgia to it. In 2008 I moved away from home to attend culinary school and found … Continue reading